“Rage Tag!” 2






It’s an MMW Tag Team Extravaganza and today Alexandria Hamilton & Platinum Fury take on the team of Irene Silver & Paula Diamonds in this ultra-sexy, 4 girl war!  Straight out of the gate Platinum takes control of Paul, destroying her fellow blonde with headlocks, and scissorholds!  It is not long before sexy brunette PAWG, Alexandria is tagged in and the Paula’s pain continues! Low blows and a horrific boston crab.  The thong leotard clad team of Alex & Platinum are far from done.  It is now Irene’s turn as both ladies take turns pummeling the Arizona martial artist with scissorholds, rope work, corner work, matchbook pins, camel clutches and more!  A final double pedigree and double leghook pin seals the night for the weaker women as Platinum and Alex strike their dominant victory poses over their fallen foes.  Match, Alex & Platinum!

Length: 13:31

Size: 1 GB