“The Tag Pack!”





What a match!  MMW loves Tag Team Wrestling, and today we have the team of Alexandria Hamilton & Platinum Fury, taking on the Super-Sexy team of Paris Love & Megan Jones!  Did I mention that all 4 women are clad in gorgeous, thong leotards!  Worth the price of admission right there.  The match begins with Paris Love and Platinum Fury, the two women circle and lock-up, from there it is an intense back-and-forth battle!  Each lady from each team tagging in-and-out.  Slams, submissions, strikes, dirty tactics, this match has it all!  Each lady on each team taking their licks and getting in their shots!  From bearhugs to scissorholds, the battle wages on until one woman is too battered to continue, but before a pinfall can happen, her teammate enters the ring with a chair causing the opposing team to scatter!  Which set of women will walk, (or run) out victorious?  Download to find out!




Length: 08:35

Size: 904 MB