“Stinkface Prey!”







It’s an all-out stinkface war turned stinkface beatdown as Alexandria Hamilton and popular newcomer Raven Mad, slap on the bikinis to lockup in the MMW ring!  Both girls choosing bikinis for the match, Raven choosing a thong.  Perhaps she knows something Alex does not?  The bell rings and the match is on!  Alex takes quick control and corners Raven, feeding her stinkface after stinkface from corner to corner!  One may think Raven is done for, but she quickly turns the tide and dominates Alex for the remainder of the match with sexy, thong clad, stinkface after stinkface!  A final facesit ends the night for Alex as Raven picks up the KO win and full right to a sexy Victory pose!  Match, Raven Mad!




Length: 11:02

Size: 1 GB