“The Lotus Factor!”





Lily Lotus meets MMW CEO, and America’s BEST  Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton center ring, both ladies bikini clad, and makes her MMW debut by sending a clear message to the roster in the form of pummeling Alex into a KO’d pile of jobber rubble!  After taking her time getting ready and making sure she looked extra cute in her bikini, Alex enters to ring to eat a hardcore, stiff beatdown from the hands of the newest lady to seek MMW gold, Lily Lotus!  Alex gets the best of Lily in the beginning, flaunting around the ring and being extra cocky, but her joy is soon turned to pain as Lily attacks and corners Alex, beating her senseless in the corner before proceeding to punish the jobber from pillar to ring post!  Vicious hair pulling, pedigree, snap mare, back breaker, low blows, neck stomps, throat stomps, crossface, rings of saturn, surfboard, bow and arrow, steiner recliner, bearhug, faceclaw, belly claw, scissorholds, reverse scissor hold, stunner, bonzai drop, figure 4 headscissor, schoolgirl pin, reverse bearhug, armbar, rope work, corner work, reverse hair bridge, sprawled clutch, skull crusher, devastating face and belly punches, ground and pound, clothesline, eye gouges, hammerlock, nerve holds, guillotine, and much, MUCH more!!  What a beating!  A MUST HAVE for any Jobber vs Heel/squash match fan.  A MUST HAVE for any Alexandria Hamilton fan!  A final sleeperhold sets up the leg hook pin and victory pose, only this is no regular victory pose, Lily strikes her regular pose, but then takes the humiliation an extra step as the social media queen does a sexy tik tok dance over Alexandria’s KO’d body!


BONUS CLIP INCLUDED.  Watch Alexandria get ready for her big match!




Length: 22:56

Size: 2 GB