“Scissors, Cries, & Thick Thighs!”





Its rather simple, 2 hot Amazons, one blonde, on brunette, both gorgeous, both have thick, strong thighs, both are bare legged, both have lovely full size booty’s! Neither wants to lose!  The move, Scissor Holds!  Which girl will tap, verbally submit, or be KO’d first?  Alex gives it her all!  Using body scissors, head scissors, side, and reverse!  Even hanging from the rafters while locking Laney if a neck crushing head scissor.  Laney gives it her all!  Head scissors, body scissors, side, reversed!  The booty’s are pointing up, the girls are writhing in each others holds, they are moaning and groaning!  But only one can be called the winner!


Length: 23:54

Size: 1.69 GB