“Constance Suffering!”





Constance is visiting MMW!  She is geared up in her bikini, knee pads and wrestling boots, and standing in the middle of the MMW ring, introducing herself to the MMW family.  She proceeds to say how she is going to beat every woman in MMW, as well as boasting of her experience advantage.  All the while Constance is speaking to the Camera, she is completely unaware of Athena climbing in to the ring behind her.  Athena quietly climbs through the ropes unnoticed by Constance.  Athena is dressed for battle in her sky blue bikini, knee pads and wrestling boots, as she stalks Constance from behind.  Constance continues talking, but is swiftly and abruptly cut off when Athena wraps both hands around the blondes neck, locking her in a choke hold!  Constance is immediately subdued.  Grasping and prying at Athena’s hands trying to free herself from the evil heels grips!  Constance begins to fade as she falls to her bottom.  Athena is quick to take advantage of Constance’s vulnerability, as she slaps on an air stealing sleeper, crushing the gorgeous blondes windpipe!  Constance twitches and writhes in Athena’s sleeper hold, helpless and at Athena’s mercy.  Athena takes her time, allowing Constance to convulse at the power of Athena’s might!  Athena spends the remainder of the match completely dominating, rag dolling, humiliating, and just plain ol’ squashing poor Constance!  Using Constance as a Rag Doll you would give to your pet, Athena beats Constance silly, from corner to corner, rope to rope, in, and out of the ring!  Against the posts, on the mats, and on the canvas, Constance is utterly destroyed at the hands of MMW bad girl Athena Law!  Constance has her legs kicked over her head as Athena mercilessly chokes the poor woman, Constance’s eyes are rolling, as she is punch silly from her beating.  Athena takes special care to yank and pull and rip and tear Constance up and down and all around by her thick blonde hair!  Constance is displayed as a trophy, much like a hunter displays their big game, Athena uses chokes, sleepers, low blows, hair pulling, camel clutches, fish hooks, eye gouges, belly punches, head scissors, and nerve holds, among an array of further jobber crushing torment, all for the sole purpose to make Constance pay for her ignorant comments, and to give a treat to anyone who likes watching a hot blonde get the holy hell beaten out of her!  Athena continues her assault, reducing Constance to a drooling, eye rolling, moaning, grunting, twitching, convulsing, begging, mass of jobber waste!  This is a MUST have for any #jobberVSheel #SquashMatch #OTT #RagDollWrestling fan, as you witness the destruction of Constance, at the hands of the one, and only, Athena Law!


Length: 11:43

Size: 1.21 GB