“Scars & Stripes!” 8





It’s the 8th installment of the ‘Scars & Stripes’ series, and the Hamilton Sisters still have not learned their lesson.  After 7 horrific beatdowns the Thon Leotard-clad sister’s return for more, this time taking on the Golden-clad team of Dolly Prescott and Platinum Fury.  Both sister’s have lost to Dolly and Platinum in singles matchups, but they are convinced that together they have what it takes to topple this new, seemingly indestructible tag team!  The bell rings and the match is on!  Alex and Platinum lock-up and as you might expect Platinum takes early control, cornering Alex and delivering a vicious belly beatdown.  Alex is dragged by her hair to the center of the ring where Platinum hits a painful pedigree, shaking the MMW ring and Alexandria’s sexy, phat, round bottom.  The match continues with Platinum and Dolly taking turns punishing the blonde and brunette team of PAWG’s.  Vicious hair pulling, stunners, pedigrees, scissorholds, pig noses, camel clutches, leg locks, low blows, skull crusher, back breaker, double-teaming, matchbook pins, belly punches, corner work, boston crab, rope work, surfboard, bow and arrow, double-bow and arrow, and more!  A final sleeperhold and double leg-hook pin stamps another humiliating night and loss for the Hamilton Sister’s as Dolly and Platinum Strike their triumphant victory poses over the Hamilton’s battered bodies!  Match, Dolly and Platinum Fury!




Length: 14:10

Size: 1 GB