“Sweet, Delicious Domination!”






Agatha Delicious teams up with Sugar to lay a stiff beatdown on the Blonde & Brunette team of Alexandria Hamilton & Platinum Fury!  Alex and Platinum have had some luck since teaming up together but today’s test may be the biggest as Sugar is well known pulverizer and Agatha has next level grappling skills!  The match begins and immediately Sugar takes control of Alex.  This is a total Squash Match with Agatha and Sugar utterly dominating their opponents in humiliating fashion!  Hair pulling, bearhugs, arm locks, leg locks, double teaming, belly punching, hair pulling, pedigree, scissorholds, facesitting, rope work, corner work, back breaker, splashes, wedgies, stunner, matchbook pin, snap mare, over the shoulder carry, and more!  A final sleeperhold from Sugar puts Platinum on her back for the 3-count and victory pose!  Match, Agatha and Sugar!  Who will be the next women fed to this vicious pack of heels?  Stay tuned!




Length: 13:15

Size:1 GB