SuperBJ (Alexandria Hamilton) meets DangerMilf (Athena Law) in the MMW Ring for what is slated to be a “No Power’s Allowed” Superheroine Pro-Wrestling Battle.  However, before DangerMilf even has time to gain composure, SuperBJ pounces!  DangerMilf is tossed to the corner where BJ proceeds to spend the duration of the match utterly dominating poor DangerMilf wth her SuperSexy, Stinkfaces from her SuperSexy, SuperPhat, Heroine Booty!  Corner to Corner, Bj feeds DM stinkface after Stinkface, deep, ass smothering helpless muffled cries emerge from under BJ sexy bottom, but she has no plans on making this quick for her arch nemesis!  From Facesits, to Stinkfaces, even being trapped under BJ’s super cape with a faceful of BJ bottom, BJ completely owns DangerMilf, reducing the so-called ‘villain’ to nothing more than a helpless pitiful Jobber!  How much Stinkface can DangerMilf take before BJ puts her out and strikes that final Victory Pose!?  Download to find out!




Length: 12:48

Size: 1.31 GB