“Pretty Pink Jobber!” 2





Todays Pretty Pink Jobber is Claire Voyant! Gorgeous, baby face, round bottom jobber Claire is clad in Pretty Pink from head to toe, a bootyful Pink leotard, lovely pink knee pads and wristbands, and cute pink boots. So much pink it makes a heel wanna punch her in the face, and thats exactly what Alex does! Alex Pummels Claire from pillar to ringpost with kicks, punches, stomps, slams, stunners, leg locks, chokes, camel clutches, eye gouging, STF, Trash Talk, rope work, corner work, nerve holds, belly punches, face sitting, skull crusher, sleeper, soccermom choke, wedgies, spanks, headscissors, bow and arrow, hair pulling, and much more! Enjoy watch Alex destroy and humiliate this pretty, pink jobber.


Length; 11:34

Size: 1.22 GB