“Jackson In the 1st Degree!”





Jackson returns to the MMW Ring after hearing Alexandria had been making excuses for her previous loss to Jackson.
A cocky Alex is waiting outside the ring, telling the camera how theres no way Jackson can beat her ass again.
Jackson once again beats down her PAWG Jobber in convincing fashion! Punches, kicks, stomps, belly punching, corner work, rope work, chokes, sleeper, figure 4 leglock, low blows, boston crab, camel clutch, eye gouges, hair pulliing, backbreakers, fish hooks, facebuster, stunner, snap mares, side headlock, guliotine, trash talk, headscissors, fake pinfalls, slams, ragdolling, and MUCH more, all make up Alexandrias second humiliating defeat to Jackson. A defeated Alex sits helpless with her eyes rolling while Jackson squishes her face making her talk like a puppet. Alex is put in a second sleeper, again putting her out, before Jackson uses her gorgeous body as a mat for her dominant victory pose.


Length: 14:40

Size: 1.51 GB