“Raw Sugar!” 18






Sugar is back!  The MMW BBW Phenom is here to show Dolly Prescott why she is the most feared heel in wrestling.  Poor Dolly wore the cutest thong leotard to eat this beatdown.  Sugar wastes no time establishing complete dominance.  Dolly is stunned and suffers for the duration of the clip, whining, whimpering and begging her way through a stiff, humiliating, lop-sided beating until Sugar grows bored of the phat booty jobber!  Tons of vicious hair pulling, face punching, belly punching, camel clutch, back breaker, bow and arrow, bearhug, sleeperhold, face claw, wedgies, pedigree, scissorholds, matchbook pin, bonzai drop, skull crusher, belly claws, and more!  A final KO finisher and leg-hook pin seal the night for Ms. Prescott, awarding Sugar the 3-count and victory pose!




Length: 10:33

Size: 1 GB