“Natural Law!”






What a bad day for Athena Law!  Clad in the sexiest of white jobber gear, from her pads to her sexy cheeky leotard and boots, Athena is ready to hand the dreaded Harley Hamilton her first loss in the MMW Ring.  Harley enters.  the two women circle and lock-up, and in an instant the MMW Bad Girl is reduced to a whimpering jobber as Harley Hamilton dishes out a stiff, painful and humiliating beatdown to the once-feared, Athena Law!  So much pro-style punishment and dirty tactics as Athena is battered around the ring with vicious hair pulling, sleeperholds, armbars, boston crab, clotheslines, corner work, over the shoulder carries, belly punches, a sexy skull crusher that makes Athena’s chest go wild, rope work, corner work, bonzai drop, eye gouges, leg locks, splashes, ddt, pedigree, stinkface, stunner, bow and arrow and more!  What a beatdown!  Poor Athena has no answer for Harley onslaught of terror!  A final KO finisher ends the night for Athena and awards Harley the mounted flexing pin and victory pose!




Length: 12:43

Size: 1.29 GB