“Weak Law Belly!”


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Alex gets her revenge when officer Athena is assigned to supervise her on another visit.  Poor Athena has no idea the beating she is in for.  Alex starts off by pummeling Athena’s belly and mocking the Police Officer, it is not long before Athena is stripped to her bra and thong panties and handcuffed!  Alex spends the duration of the encounter destroying Athena’s soft, sexy, bare, exposed belly!  From the wall to the middle of the room where the punches make Athena’s little jiggly booty pop and hop with each strike, adding just the perfect amount of jiggly booty to this humiliating beatdown!  Alex takes Athena to the couch where she is still bound by handcuffs, her arms are placed above her head where Alex continues her merciless onslaught of punishment!




Length: 11:13

Size: 1.15 GB