Enjoy this instant, bikini wrestling, MMW classic!  Lora Cross dismantles TWO women at once as the utterly pummels Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law from pillar to ring-post, that is, until the two-lady’s turn the tide and serve up Lora a 2 on 1 beatdown of their own!  Hair pulling, submissions, strikes, slams, rope work, corner work, this clip has it all!  Lora is in control, then loses it, the the tables turn, it’s a FIERCE back-&-forth, but there can only be ONE winner! Guillotines, face busters, wedgies, surfboards, hair pulling, punches, splashes, choke slam, clotheslines, boston crab, snap mare, belly punching, and more!  Who will go home and sleep with a W on the day?  Download to find out!




Length: 24:08

Size: 2.51 GB