“Precious Medals!”






MMW Boxing Champion, Platinum Fury is ready to defend her title against hard hitting, Arizona Native, Irene Silver!  Though she is the challenger, Irene is the favorite in this matchup, boasting a reach advantage and more KO victories than the reigning champ.  That doesn’t matter to Platinum.  The bell rings, the ladies touch gloves, and this multi-round bout is on!  Tons of exchanges as the lady’s trade blow for blow, both utilizing the ropes and corners to their advantage.  Irene working on Platinum’s body and midsection, while Platinum has her right hand locked and loaded looking for that sweet spot-on Irene’s chin!  Later in the match the weaker woman begins to fade as the aggressor takes full advantage, launching flurry after flurry until her foe finally kisses the canvas for the final time!  And still?  or And new?  Download to find out!




Length: 11:33

Size: 1 GB