“Seeing Birdies!”






Birdie has Platinum Fury ‘seeing birdies’ in this ultra-sexy, back-and-forth turned total beatdown, MMW Boxing Classic!  Platinum is a former MMW Boxing Champion with a stellar 18-1 record.  Birdie sits at 3-0 and is the underdog.  Platinum is known for a devastating right hand, and super speed.  Birdie, a former kick boxing champ, hits hard. and that’s all you’ll remember.  Surely this is poised to be a total war!  The bell rings, the ladies touch gloves, and this match is on!  Platinum comes out stroing as always, looking to make a statement early.  Birdie, waiting for her moment, eats shot or two, and sends Platinum stumbling with a stiff right jab!  Platinum is rocked and it’s early, exchange punches.  Platinum working on Birdie’s body, and Birdie feeding Platinum haymaker after haymaker.  Soon Platiinum begins to fade as it takes longer and longer for her to recover and avoid Birdies assaults!  Platinum hits the canvas hard, twice, but manages to make it to her feet.  It’s nearing the end of the match and Birdie is in total control, pummeling the blonde California Barbie back and forth and to every region the ring.  Platinum has no anser for Birdies heat and soon eats canvas for a third time.  Little movement out of Platinum as Birdie reaches the 10-count awarding her the biggest win to date!




Length: 09:14

Size: 1 GB