“BN da Supa Box!” 2


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Irene Silver takes on Paula Diamonds in this Ultra-Sexy, Shiny-Bikini Clad, OTT, Boxing, KO Beatdown!  Irene is here to humiliate Paula, while Paula is ready for a good competitive match!  Poor Paul, she has no idea that Irene not only plans on beating the ever-living hell out of her and pummeling her pillar to ringpost, but she also plans on seeing how many eye-rolling, drool inducing, knockouts she can score on the sexy blonde AZ native!  The bell rings, the girls touch gloves, and the match is on!  Irene takes early control and it is not long before Paula is face planted with her ass in the air, Knocked TF Out!  Not much changes as Irene spends the duration of the match beating Paula into a KO’d oblivion!  KO after KO, Paula is no match for Irene’s onslaught of jobber humiliation!  KO fan?  Download your new favorite clip, NOW!




Length: 20:49

Size: 2 GB