“Pillar to Ringpost!”





Fiesty Feminista and Lizzy Hamilton glove up to square up in this sexy female boxing war! Fiesty takes control early, utilizing her jab and reach advantage, feeding Lizzy a steady diet of leather, and combos. Lizzy is rattled but gives it her all, showing tons of heart as she battles back, returning and connecting several times. The girls are going toe to toe, but Fiesty’s size and strength advantage is soon apparent. Lizzy kisses canvas several times, as she cannot handle Fiesty’s sheer power! The blonde hair is flying and Lizzy’s head is snapping as Fiesty dominates the latter half of the bout, in the corners, against the ropes, and center ring, Lizzy has no answer for Fiesty, as she stumbles around the ring in a stupor until Fiesty corners her for a final barrage of strikes leading up to a devastating uppercut, sending Lizzy plummeting to the canvas for the 10 count! Match, Fiesty Feminista!




Length:  09:22

Size: 975 MB