“PAWG Slaughter!” 7






Athena Loves beating up women!  The thiccer the better!  Today, it’s her lucky day as local Super-PAWG and MMW OG Jobber, Dynam!te Dana, returns!  Dana believes she has unfinished business with Athena, unable to accept her loss to Athena, Dana is convinced today will be different, as she enters with a new set of skills and a new boost of confidence!  The bell rings, the ladies circle and lock-up and this match is on!  What a squash match!  Athena wastes ZERO time, establishing her utter dominance before spending the duration of the clip mercilessly beating and destroying her thicc opponent from pillar to ring-post!  VICIOUS hair pulling as Athena rips and tares into Dan’s thick mane, ripping and yanking her to her feet, over-&-over to feed her more punishment!  Devastating blow-after devastating blow as the ring continually shakes along with Dana’s round bottom every time her body hits the MMW canvas!  Pedigrees, snap mares, body splashes, corner splashes, schoolgirl pin, camel clutch, surfboard, back breaker, bow-&-hairrow, rope chokes, rope work, corner work, belly-to-belly bearhug, belly-to-back bearhug, steiner recliner, scissorholds, arm locks, bonzai drop, rings of Athena, crossface, back breaker hair-pull, guillotine, hammerlock, skull crusher, schoolgirl pin and more!  How much punishment can one woman take?  Athena is determined to find out as she feeds Dana a stiff and humiliating beating that she will never forget!  A final KO finisher puts Dana on her back for the easy leg-hook pin and victory pose!  Athena makes her usual, catty, smirking exit, as Dana is reduced to stumbling out in the ultimate walk-of-shame!  Match, Athena Law!




Length: 16:46

Size: 2 GB