“Weak Jobber Belly!”


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Why would Alex ever face Athena Law again!  Here we are, in the MMW Dojo, Athena suited up in her sexy satin granny panties and bra, ready for a catfight when Alex walks in.  Why not get some pre-match practice on America’s Thiccest Jobber?  Alex is pinned against the outside ring post where Athena beats her soft jobber belly mercilessly!  Digging her fist deep in Alexandria’s poor belly, it is not long before Athena strips Alex to her bra and satin thong panties, exposing her bare belly for the remainder of the punishment!  Against the ropes, center ring, and flat on her back, Alex is dominated in humiliating fashion, battered and beaten with no defense to launch back at Athena, Athena has her way with America’s BEST Jobber!  From deep belly punches to Alexandira’s sexy bouncing phat ass that leaps with every blow, Athena makes sure to give Alexandria’s fans what they want.  A complete and utter beating of Alexandria’s soft, sexy belly!




Length:  11:10

Size: 1.14 GB