“La Vita Loca!” 2







Vita VonStarr returns!  After making a smashing debut by demolishing MMW CEO, Alexandria Hamilton, Vita is ready to take on another local NorCal sensation in the Blonde, California Muscle Barbie, Platinum Fury!  Platinum has a bit different of a reputation that Alexandria, boasting wins over Sugar, Irene Silver, Megan Jones, not to mention holding the MMW Boxing Championship!  Vita is hardly impressed and enters the ring for what is supposed to be a rough back-&-forth match between two powerful women!  Platinum enters, confident as always, the bell rings, the ladies circle and lock-up, and this match is on!  In the blink of an eye the unbelievable unfolds, seeing Vita utterly dominate and decimate Platinum in one of the most embarrassing beatings the blonde has endured in the MMW ring!  Vita wastes no time establishing her dominance and superior wrestling knowledge, pummeling thong leotard-clad Platinum from pillar to ring post with a barrage of pro-style punishment and painful dirty tactics!  Vicious hair pulling, slams, submission, strikes and more!  Snap mares, pedigree, camel clutch, body splashes, guillotines, chops, boston crab, figure 4 leg lock, corner work, rope work, low blows and more!  Platinum as no answer for Vita as she eats blow-after-blow until the final leg-hook pin and victory pose!  Match, Vita Vonstarr!




Length: 10:08

Size: 1 GB