“Pantyhose Wrestlers!” 10


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Here they are!  Yet again, a Blonde Vs. Brunette battle of the SEXY Titans and California Muscle Barbie, Platinum Fury steps into the ring to face local rival and Super-PAWG, Alexandria Hamilton is a sexy, back-&-forth, pantyhose wrestling battle to the KO!  Both ladies looking so sexy in their bra and panties, covered by the sexiest of pantyhose!  Platinum is on a rampage in the Pantyhose Wrestling circuit, boasting an UNDEFEATED record, defeating Athena Law, Lizzy Hamilton, Tovah Nicks, Dolly Prescott and most recently toppling Harper Rose in the only contest that Platinum has entered as the underdog.  Platinum would love nothing more than to defeat MMWs posterchild and Ultra-MILF, Alexandria Hamiton in her own ring!  What person wouldn’t want a shot at the CEO.  Platinum and Alex have met in pro-wrestling battles and boxing contests, but Platinum has yet to share her grappling and catfight skills with her thicc brunette counterpart.   The bell rings, the ladies circle, and in an instant, they are locked on one another’s hair, tussling back and forth on their feet before inevitably meeting the MMW canvas!  Tons of give-&-take actions as each lady gives and takes her fair amount of punishment in this scrappy catfight!  MILF Vs. MILF couldn’t look any better as the ladies use vicious hair pulling, scissorholds, body locks, schoolgirl pins, catballing, grappling and trash talk until the weaker woman is finally overcome by her superior foe!  Which lady will be used as s footstool for the winner’s victory pose?  Download to find out!




Length: 10:10

Size: 1 GB