“My Little Footgirl!” 2






Platinum Fury gives Alexandria Hamilton dejavu as America’s BEST Jobber once again finds her self under Platinum’s sexy bare feet and on the losing end of another humiliating beating at the hands of the muscular barbie!  Platinum wastes no time establishing her shear dominance and she manages her thicker opponent from pillar to ringpost!  Platinum punches, kicks, stomps, throws, bends, twists and yanks poor Alex around with leglocks, scissorholds, headlocks  hair pulling, and much more, taking plenty of time to introduce Alexandria’s gorgeous face to her bare feet!  Smooshing, stomping, grinding and trampling helpless Alex and her face with her bare feet, even twisting the brunettes nose with her toes for a special dash of dominant humiliation!  Watch from opening lockup to the final embarrassing finish as Alex is once again laid to waste under the foot of the mighty Platinum Fury!




Length: 16:52

Size: 2 GB