“Mean Muscle Queen!”


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Platinum Fury and Dolly Prescott are both new to the MMW Wrestling scene and both are looking to make an impressive impact on the industry.  Today, the two athletic ladies’ bikini-up to take eachother on in sexy scissorhold grappling battle!  Both ladies have had success in the pro-wrestling and boxing scene but have yet to exhibit their ground grappling skills to their colleagues.  Dolly comes from a background as a swimmer, no doubt she is strong, but is she strong enough to take on local fitness trainer and self-proclaimed, “California Muscle Barbie”, Platinum Fury?  We are about to find out!  Dolly takes early control, seeming to crush Platinum’s ribs is a painful body scissor, but her success is short-lived as Platinum swiftly reverses and, in an instant, it is Dolly that finds herself locked in Platinum’s scissorhold!  It is immediately apparent that Platinum is the stronger woman, as Dolly grimaces and fights to get out, her attempts are meaningless to the sexy blonde strong woman!  Platinum begins to mock Dolly, trash-talking the country-girl, all while utterly dominating her in front of 2 other women!  As spectators watch, Platinum shows no mercy on Dolly, handing her, her most humiliating, one-sided beatdown in the new wrestler’s career!  Multiple body and headscissors, from pillar to ring-post and center ring, Dolly is unable to match Platinum’s strength as the California Muscle Barbie continues to dominate Dolly, continuing to trash-talk the weaker woman, mocking her, grabbing handfuls of her booty and jiggling it for the camera.  Finally, Platinum grows bored of Dolly and puts her away for the night with a KO finisher!  Of course, Platinum takes her well-deserved victory pose over the fallen Dolly, sealing the deal for the match!  Winner, Platinum Fury!




Length:  10:57

Size:  1.12 GB