“Low Blow Dojo!” 7






Raven Mad was supposed to beat Alexandria Hamilton.  Of course, who would have ever thought, when the two finally met, that Alex would beat Raven so dominantly?  Raven can live with that.  Alexandira is America’s BEST Jobber, not her.  Alexandria is the community punching bag, not her.  Raven Challenges Alex to a rematch, ready to prove that their first meeting was an utter fluke!  The two women enter the ring and get a quick stretch before they lock-up.  Alex has a special plan for tonight’s match.  Destroy everything between Raven Mad’s legs.  And, well, Alex completes her mission, as straight from the lock-up Alex establishes dominance and never lets up, paying close attention what is below the belt, serving Raven low blow-after low blow!  Punches, kicks, knees, dropping knees, atomic drops, soccer kicks!  So much low blow punishment!  Alex doesn’t forget to make Raven suffer in other ways!  Viciously ripping and pulling the sexy brunette by the hair, agonizing hair pulling, bearhugs, humiliating wedgies, and so much more!  What a squash match!  Standing guillotine, stiff forearms, pedigree, corner work, rope work, grapevine pin, hammer fists, stunner, bulldog, facebuster, leg locks, YES, all the while making sure to never stop punishing poor Raven below the belt!  A final KO finisher ends the night for raven, awarding Alex the leg-hook pin, 3-count and victory pose!  Match, Alexandria, again!  Sorry Raven, maybe next time you can solve the Hamilton puzzle.




Length:  11:16

Size:  1.15 GB