“Thicc Jobber Chick!” 4






Alex is back!  Tired of being the jobber, she put on the shiniest of sexy blue wrestling bikinis to take on a woman who has defeated her multiple times, the mean Bella Ink!  Bella loves beating up Alex, loves pulling her long thicc hair, loves shaking the ring with her thicc body and punishing her at any chance she gets.  Why on earth would Alex accept such a match!  As predicted, straight from the lock-up, Bella takes control, and reminds Alex why she will always be her Thicc Jobber Chick!  Such a classic Blonde Vs. Brunette beatdown!  From the vicious hair pulling, to the catty trash talk and plain disrespect as Bella twerks and dances over Alexandria’s battered defeated body multiple times throughout the match!  Armbars, surfboard, camel clutch, back breaker, punches, stomps, corner work, rope work, butt drops, clotheslines, headlocks and more!  A sexy bronco buster, bouncing on Alex making her beautiful chest bounce along too!  Surfboard, chin locks, full nelson, side surfboard, and so so much more!  A final scissorhold ends the night for out blue-clad jobber!  Awarding Bella the KO victory and a victory pose to go with it!  Sorry Alex, maybe next time.  Probably not, though.




Length:  15:31

Size:  1.58 GB