“Grace Yourself!”




Samantha Grace has traveled all the way from SoCal to visit the MMW dojo, and defend the SoCal reputation for having the countries best Women Wrestlers.  Tho Samantha seems friendly and harmless, both her, and MMW owner Alexandria Hamilton know there is a bit of tension, with both women wanting to defend their promotions name!  Alex has an idea.  Feed Samantha Grace to Laney Dawson, who has a decent record against visitors.  Soften the well known jobber up, and take the easy “W” when its time for Alex to meet her in the ring.  Enter Samantha Grace, Beautiful as can be in her shiny, skin tight, pink leotard, clung tightly to her perky SoCal bottom.  Wrestling pads and boots complete her pro style look, as her presence screams “Jobber Girl!”.  Enter Laney Dawson, beautiful,  blonde amazon, strong, skilled, fresh off a big win over Claire Voyant, by all means, this contest should easily belong to Laney.  All bets are off, and its time to fight!  The two women approach each other as the bell sounds.  Samantha puts her hand out to shake Laney’s, as a symbol of good sportsmanship.  Laney goes to shake Samantha’s hand and is cold clocked across the left jaw with a HUGE right hook by Samantha Grace, dropping Laney right where she stood!  Laney thuds to the mat limp and EVERY jaw in the dojo drops!  Eyes are wide as Samantha  Grace stands above Laney, grabbing the blonde by a gob of hair, and repeatedly punching the Awesome Blonde in the face, essentially beating her face in!  Laney in ripped to her feet by her hair where Samantha Grace places her in the corner, sending huge belly shots and face strikes into Laney!  Laney needs to recover quick or she is about to be the butt end of the biggest upset in MMW history!  Too little, too late, as Samantha Grace shocks the Women’s Wrestling world, handily working Laney over with strikes, scissors, chokes, belly punches, hammerlocks, stf, and hair pulls.  Beating Laney from pillar to post, and sending Alexandria Hamilton a message!  Laney is beside herself with embarrassment, as she writhe on the canvas.  Samantha gets table, and wasting no time, rips Laney half way out of the ring by her hair, mercilessly planting her face first through thee table, smashing the table, and Laney’s ego, to pieces!  Laney is thrown back into the ring for a final Sleeper Hold,
 opening her up for a Sexy leg hook pin, giving Samantha Grace the win!  A final victory pose seals the deal,as a beaten, dominated, and defeated Laney, lay under the jobbers boot!  What the hell happened here!?  Sorry Alex, looks like Samantha came to fight!
Length: 10:31
Size: 1.09 GB