What’s to say?  Blonde Vs. Brunett.  Phat booties, thong leotards.  California Muscle Barbie, MMW Boxing Champion, Blonde Barbie, Platinum Fury.  Utterly destroys and humiliates the mighty Irene Silver, pummeling and punishing the Arizona native with a series of painful submissions and paying special attention to crush and punish Irene’s sexy, full breasts!  Irene is a whining mess as Platinum takes her sweet time slowly picking apart her brunette counterpart, fueled by Irene’s moans and groans, her agony and pleading, Platinum shows off her strength and skill to all of her, (and Irene’s) fans, by crushing one of the industries seemingly toughest women!  Enjoy!



Length: 20:05

Size: 1 GB