“Boxed Up!” 3






Tova has been on a serious warpath!  Laying out woman-after-woman, painting the canvas with victory poses, she has her eye on Platinum Fury, the current MMW Boxing Champion, but first, she has to overcome the former champ, and the only woman to defeat her, thus far, Athena Law.  It’s a new day, and Tova thinks she has Athena’s number.  Athena enters with shear confidence, holding a 1-0 advantage over her opponent.  The bell rings, the ladies touch gloves, and this match is on!  A quick exchange see Athena immediately connect, causing Tova to stumble, but she regains her composure swiftly and answers back, landing two clean shots to Athena’s jaw!  Athena turns it up and begins letting her hands go but can’t seem to get a clean beat on Tova, as Tova uses her foot work to dodge Athena’s strikes and answer back with hits of her own!  Athena is losing every exchange; Tova begins punishing her belly and body and Athena begins to fade!  Tova can smell victory and begins attacking Athena’s body, slumping the former champ, weakening her with every blow!  Athena is on her heels as Tova begins nailing shots to Athena’s pretty face.  Athena kisses the canvas multiple times.  By the halfway point it is apparent that Tova is in charge, and Athena is merely trying to survive to the bell, however it may not go that way for the former champ, as Tova continues to destroy her taller foe, beating poor Athena from pillar to ring-post, busting up her poor face and punishing her sexy soft jobber belly and body!  Athena has no answer as Tova launches a final attack that flattens Athena for the 10-count and victory pose!  Match, Tova!  Next stop, Platinum Fury!




Length: 11:44

Size: 1.20 GB