“Blue Belt!”


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Athena may have been a bit too cocky for a White-Belt, today.  After criticizing Alexandria Hamilton, a newly crowned Blue Belt, about her skills, Alex challenged the MMA fighter to a freestyle fight wo which Athena gladly accepted!  Athena may have chosen the wrong opponent!  Alex enters the ring and dominates Athena in the stand-up, and on the ground!  Tons of vicious, clean strikes have Athena wobbly as she just can’t catch Alex and continues to eat shot-after-shot!  Alex nails multiple takedowns and grinds out Athena on the ground, punishing the White-clad fighting with superior grappling and ground-&-pound!  A final, devastating strike puts Athena down for the night, awarding Alex the KO victory and well-deserved victory pose!  Alex leaves the ring triumphantly as her defeated opponent is reduced to stumbling out in the ultimate walk of shame!




Length: 12:41

Size: 1.30 GB