Raven enters the MMW dojo ready to take on newcomer, Wendy Watson, but is surprised when MMW CEO, Alexandria Hamilton walks through the curtain.  Can the new gal hang with the vet?  Raven Mad and Alexandria Hamilton launch an all-out war on eachother in this smash mouth, give-and take, fast paced war!  Both ladies clad in GORGEOUS thong leotards, tons of sexy pin and pin attempts.  Tons of hot, give and take pro wrestling action!  Strikes, submissions and slams, neither girl wants to give up as they pummel eachother with vicious hair pulling, breast smothers, schoolgirl pins, matchbook pins, corner work, rope work, camel clutches, surfboards, fish hooks, scissorholds, bearhugs, and tons more!  Which lady will be the victor of the day?  Download to find out!



Length: 17:04

Size: 1.8 GB