“Stinkface Champions!”






The Greatest Stinkface Clip Online!  Stinkface Champions!  Platinum Fury and Vixey destroy and humiliate the team of Athena Law and Alexandria Hamilton in every way as the two teams face off in this one-sided, stinkface punishment battle!  Alex and Athena mock their opponents for their Stinkface Championship belts, saying they will never lose to a stinkface.  However, the two jobbers are quickly proven wrong as Vixey and Platinum launch the sexiest stinkface assault ever recorded.  Tons of stinkface action, 2 vs 1, ass smothering, and a final submission before the losing team is pantsed and hung on the ropes with atomic wedgies!  A MUST HAVE for any stinkface/squash match fan!  Download now!




Length: 14:07

Size: 1.3 GB