“Ring of Jobbers!”




Sugar is in town! and she’s ready to beat some bitches down! enter Alex and Athena, both girls clad in tight purple leotards, enter the ring to face the mega Heel Sugar! Sugar wastes no time, ripping Athena to the middle of the ring by her hair,  for a neck twisting side headlock!  Alex tries to defend, but is bitch slapped down, Alex is picked up and thrown to the corner for a major face beating, Athena tries to help Alex but is also stopped in her tracks, Sugar uses many pro moves to dismantle to two women wrestlers.  Sending massive bare knuckles to their faces, tearing out mounds of their hair.  Controlling the entire fight, beating the two helpless women around the ring, as Athena and Alex, beg and plead for their beating to stop!  Their agonizing moans and groans fall on deaf ears as Sugar continues her vicious assault, camel clutches, fish hooks, back breakers, TONS of hair pulling, Sugar uses Alex’s face to repeatedly low blow a dazed Athena who lay punch silly on the canvas.  Sugar holds each woman by their hair, slamming their faces mercilessly and repeatedly into the turnbuckles.  Many mode moves, and lots more action!  Including big double splashes and double sleepers fill the MMW ring, this match is all Sugar, and is the complete beating and squash of Alex and Athena.  The match spills outside the ring for more agonizing moves, stomps, chokes and another camel clutch outside the ring, as well as a double head scissor!  Sugar re enters the ring to sleeper Athena!  Alex crawls back in the ring, ducking under the bottom rope, arching her back as her shiny purple leotard rides tightly and snug,  deep in her round metallic clad bottom.  Alex is set down with a HUGE left hand.  Sugar locks Athena in a humiliating head lock, and demands she stomp Alex and knock her out.  Athena reluctantly obeys, unable to match Sugar in strength, and in her complete control, Athena begins stomping Alex, making mud out of her, all the time crying, as her own team mate begs her to stop.  but if she stops Sugar will only punish the two of them more.  A final sleeper puts Athena to rest on top of her KO’d team mate.  A pile of jobbers lie at Sugars feet, she places both KO’d women in matchbook positions, pointing their gorgeous asses at the roof!  Match, Sugar!


Length: 14:27

Size: 1.50 GB