“Wild Wild Best!”






Irene Silver and Alexandria Hamilton put on a pro-style, back-&-forth showcase in this high callibur, super-intense, pro wrestling war!  TONS of give-&-take action as the ladies battle in the corners, against the ropes and center ring!  The contest starts outside the ring where Irene is ambushed from behind by Alex.  The fight makes it’s way in to the ring where the ladies launch a full-blow attack at one another, complete with devastating strikes, ring shaking slams, and painful submissions!  Hair pulling, body slams, pedigrees, stunners, snap mares, leg locks, chin locks, camel clutch, back breaker, hot shots, scissorholds, and more!  A final crossface gets the weaker woman to tap!  Which lady will walk out with the day’s bragging rights?  Download to find out!




Length: 11:44

Size: 1 GB