“Satin Stinkface Jobber!”






Athena Law and Alexandria Hamilton don sexy satin panties w/ matching bras to lock-up in what Athena was sure would be a fair contest, however Alexandria has something a bit more up-close and personal for the former champ!  The ladies make their entrances, the bell rings, they lock-up and this match is on!  Alex immediately takes control and in an instance, Athena finds herself with a face full of phat, satin clad booty!  Alexandria spends the duration of the contest destroying and humiliating Athena with stinkface-after-stinkface, humiliating the jobber with belly punches, trash talk, and vicious hair pulling in between!  Face sitting, ass smothering, and an onslaught stinkface punishment grace the ring as Athena is laid to waste in this lop-sided, jobber destroying stinkface marathon!




Length: 14:11

Size: 1.45 GB