“Wife Club!” 2






Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law are at it again!  Gloving up to go toe-to-toe in the MMW Ring in the 2nd battle of the local ‘Wife Club!”  Reigning ‘Wife Club’ Champion, Birdie, was able to best Alex in the first ‘Wife Club’ match, and today, Alex is not looking to take a 2nd L in the local tournament.  Unfortunately for Alexandria, her opponent is former MMW Boxing Champion, Athena Law!  What a back-&-forth!  Jabs, body shots, belly punches, uppercuts, flurries, combos, and more!  the Wives trade exchanges, each woman kissing the canvas in this multi knockdown war!  A final KO blow sends the weaker wife to the mat for the 10-count and victory pose!  Which lady will have their hand raised?  Download to find out!




Length:  15:08

Size:  1.54 GB