“Wedgie Queen!” 8







The rules are simple.

1.  First woman to submit her opponent 5 times via wedgie will be crowned the wedgie queen.

2.  The loser must raise the winner’s hand.

There are multiple types of “rounds”.  The ladies lock panties center ring with both hands.  The women lock panties with one hand and their opponent’s hair with the other.  The women meet at the ropes for a one handed, side-by-side battle.  Once the round starts it can be one by any type of wedgie, so long as the loser verbally submits.  In between rounds the women return to their corners where the loser of the round picks her wedgie.

Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law are both Wedgie Queen veterans and multiple Wedgie Queen Title holders, so who better to kick-off the first leotard installment of the Wedgie Queen series!?  The ladies enter in their sexy leotard, they meet center ring, and the match begins!  So many wedgies.  Each girl wants to win SO bad, but only one can, and the loser WILL raise the stronger woman’s hand.  Which lady will be the day’s Wedgie Queen?  Download to find out!




Length: 13:57

Size: 1.43 GB