“Bruiser!” 2






One of the years stiffest squash matches is here!  Alexandria Hamilton, SuperPAWG, UltraMILF, America’s BEST Jobber, MMW CEO.  She is here, clad in gold thong and pro-gear, ready to take on her arch enemy, MMW Bad Girl, former MMW Boxing Champ, Former MMW Wrestling Champion, Athena Law!  To say these two women, have a history would be quite the understatement.  The ladies are here and ready to wrestle!  Straight from the lock-up, as expected, Athena takes control and is ready to teach Alex why a gold thong DEMANDS a sexy beatdown!  Vicious hair pulling, belly punching, snap mares, pedigree, back breaker, bow and arrow, low blows, corner work.  Athena slaps on more than the rings of saturn as she also slaps on Alexandria’s sexy phat round ass at every opportunity as she punishes her in submission-after-submission!  Butt drops, hot shots, wishbone, throat stomps, bearhugs, crippler, leg locks, guillotines, ankle locks, leaps from the top rops, back breaker hair pull and more!  A final KO move puts Alex on her back for the 3-count and victory pose!  Match, Athena Law!  Jobber lovers, add to cart!




Length: 17:40

Size: 1.81 GB