“Vegas Heat!”






Delicious has returned to the MMW Ring!  After seeing PlatinumAgatha  Fury destroy the roster, Agatha is convinced she has what it takes to not only beat Platinum, but completely humiliate and dominate the California Muscle Queen on her very own turf!  The bell rings and the match is on!  Straight from the lock up Agatha takes control and never gives poor Platinum and inch!  Bringing some serious Vegas Heat to the blonde jobber, Agatha uses strikes, slams, carries, and submissions to utterly pummel Platinum from pillar to ring post!  Vicious hair pulling, scissorholds, facesitting, camel clutches, pedigrees, belly punches, rope work, corner work, wedgies, and more!  Agatha even dancing above her battered opponent in the ultimate show of dominance!  A final sleeperhold and embarrassing schoolgirl pin put Platinum’s legs high in the air for the 3-count!  Cue victory pose and this match belongs to Agatha Delicious!




Length: 10:54

Size: 1 GB