“Tough Blonde!”






Harper and Platinum Fury put on a battle for local supremacy as the two women battle back-&-forth for title of the County’s Baddest Chick!  Tons of give-&-take action as the lady’s trade momentum, both giving and taking their fair share of punishment, however, it is bikini-clad, blonde Platinum that seems to have Harpers number!  Platinum takes control and dominates and humiliates Harper with punishing strikes and painful submissioins!  Scissorholds, bearhugs, hair pulling, boston crab, camel clutch and TONS more!  Harper has no answer for Platinum’s onslought of punishment!   A finisher puts Harper out, and on her back for the leg-hook pin!  In a twist, after pinning her opponent and winning the match, Platinum too falls next to Harper from exhaustion as the two ladies lay KO’d next to one another.  What a match!




Length: 10:44

Size: 1.10 GB