“Tights, Ref!” 2






Alexandria Hamilton and Platinum Fury don the leotards to battle head-to-head in a pro-style battle to see who the stronger woman is!  A classic blonde Vs. brunette showdown, however, each lady plans of fighting dirty!  Each lady takes advantage of the other woman’s tights!  Yanking and pulling for leverage, wedgieing for humiliation and cheating to gain the pinfall!  So much stretchy leotard being pulled and yanked!  Tons of pro-style action!  Hair pulling, pedigree, submission holds, corner work, rope work, slams and more, all while using the other woman’s leotard to their advantage!  A final KO and pinfall end the night for one of the feisty ladies!  Will it be the fall of the blonde?  or the Peril of the Brunette?  Download to find out!




Length:  10:23

Size:  1 GB