“Atomic Heroines!”





2 MIGHTY Superheroines!  Megan Jones and Alexandria Hamilton, accept a match against DangerMILF, (Athena Law) Neither woman is phased by Athena’s reputation of being a bruiser.  They believe her raw malice is no match for their super strength!  Athena has a special plan for these two cocky women.  Humility!  Athena proceeds to punish and humiliate both women from the bell!  Using WEDGIES as her main tactic, Athena yanks pulls and tries to split the weaker women in half by their Super Underwear!  That’s what you get for wearing your underwear over your suit, Superladies!  Athena destroys their Super booty’s with wedgie after wedgie as the 2 women squirm and plea with her to stop, but she is far from done.  Draping the battered women over the ropes, Athena uses her powers to strip them to their bra and panties at the thrust of her hands!  The 2 superheroines are now reduced to panty jobbers as Athena continues her vicious barrage of humiliating wedgie punishment!  Atomic wedge after atomic wedgie, Athena does not let up, digging their panties up their super asses until they can finally take no more!  Match, DangerMILF!




Length:  16:23

Size:  1.67 GB