“Thicc Country Jobber!”






Is it the cheek white bottoms riding up Alexandria’s phat butt that turn Kristie Etzold into a jobber crushing nightmare!  Today, it sure seems that way as Kristie Etzold returns to once-again, humiliate and destroy America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  Vicious hair pulling, strikes, belly punches, scissorholds, standing headscissor, grapevine pin, corner work, rope work, headlock, test of strength, face buster, face claw, skull crusher, camel clutch, surfboard, belly claw, and more!  Just another day at the office for the legendary Kirstie!  A final KO finisher puts Alex on her back for the pin and victory pose!  Match, the Tustin Tank, Kristie Etzold!




Length:  15:29

Size:  1.59