“Stinkface Champions!” 6





The Stinkface Champions series continues, this time with Sushii and Faith Shalynn traveling to MMW to take on the tag team of Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law!  Alex and Athena are ready for a good clean match, but Sushii and Faith have different plans.  The match begins and immediately Alex is fed sexy booty!  Alex cannot stand the thought of falling to these women in such a humiliating way and leaves the match, leaving Athena all by herself to endure one of the sexiest double-team beatdown to ever take place in the MMW dojo!  Faith and Sushii DESTROY poor Athena, beating her face raw with tons of sexy, jiggling ass!  Stinkface after stinkface, ass smother after ass smother and facesit after facesit, Sushii and Faith establish more than just dominance over the sexy Athena!  Double teaming, solo’ing, the ladies don’t waste a second of the match!  How much phat butt stinkface torment can one woman handle?  Download to find out!




Length:  22:19

Size:  2.32 GB