“The Wrong Hamilton!”






Wendy Watson picked the wrong day to challenge a Hamilton!  Expecting to face America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria, Wendy is caught off guard when Alexandria’s undefeated twin sister, Harley, shows up to take the gig!  Harley proceeds to feed poor Wendy a stiff, pro-style beatdown, filled with punishing strikes, low blows and dirty tactics!  What a barefoot beatdown!  Vicious hair pulling, ground-&-pound, guillotine, stunner, low blows, schoolgirl pin, bonzai drop, rope work, corner work, elbow drops, ass slapping, grapevine pin and more!  Wendy has no answer as she is beatdown and put away bruised!  A final leg hook pin ends the night for the big city brawler, awarding Harley W, and victory pose!




Length:  11:21

Size:  1 GB