“Not So Jobber!”






Alexandria has a problem with Raven’s sexy wrestling attire, and believes the new girl is not taking her position seriously!  Raven responds by challenging Alex to which Alex accepts!  The fight begins and Alexandria take and early advantage and proceeds to punish poor Raven, beating the jobber from pillar to ring post with vicious hair pulling, face slams, sleeperholds, temple drills, belly punches, pedigree, guillotine, scissorholds, face claws, schoolgirl pins and more!  A quick trip to the corner for a stiff beatdown flattens Raven, seemingly awarding Alex the match.  But Raven rebounds and stuns Alex with a flash beatdown of her own!  Alex is drooling and cross eyed and unable to answer back!  Raven gets the pin but is not finished!  Alex is bent over the middle turnbuckle and pantsed!  Exposing her sexy red thong panties, Raven proceeds to spank the weaker wrestler before exiting, leaving Alex draped over the ropes like a jobber rag!




Length:  11:13

Size:  1 GB