“The Quest!” Pt 2: Mexico Vs. Canada





Welcome back to “The Quest!” the World Wide Tournament to find the absolute best female wrestler!  Each country sends their most skilled combatant to represent their country in the fight to be called, the best!  This is The Quest!  Today, representing the Nation of Canada, it’s MMW’s own, blonde haired, blue eyed, gorgeous amazon, Awesome Laney Dawson!  And, her opponent, representing the Nation of Mexico, world renowned female fighter, superstar pro wrestler, the dangerous, gorgeous, vicious, Shelly Martinez!  The two women enter the ring, the bell sounds, however Shelly insists Laney give her a moment to remove her high heels.  Mocking Laney about her boots and wrestling gear, Shelly offers her hand as a gesture of good sportsmanship, saying “I believe in a fair fight”.  Poor naive Laney goes to shake Shelly’s hand only to be folded in half with a monster, double crossing kick to the midsection.  Laney is stunned as Shelly uses a handful of her blonde hair to run her around the ring!  Stopping at each turnbuckle to smash Laney’s face into it, Shelly takes pleasure mocking her blonde opponent, even disrespecting her Nation’s National Anthem!  This match is the complete and total squash of Laney Dawson, at the hands of a mean and cruel Shelly!  Shelly uses every dirty tactic to beat down Laney, and send a message to her next opponent, representing the USA, Alexandria Hamilton, who defeated Laney Dawson in “The Quest. Pt 1, USA Vs. Canada”.  So Shelly is holding nothing back, trying to strike fear in the heart of Alexandria, (whom she knows is watching) by beating poor Laney senseless!  Low blows, eye rakes, chokes, sleeper holds, punches, kicks, and stomps, matchbook chokes, head scissor, rope work, outside ring work, belly punching, knees, and hair pulling.  Shelly holds nothing back as she batters away at a helpless Laney.  Shelly showcases her superior skill by out wrestling, out boxing, outmaneuvering, and overpowering Laney at every turn!  Finally, a mangled Laney lay at Shelly’s feet.  Shelly wastes no time, and straddles Laney’s chest like a high school bully, and with a handful of hair, sends punch after punch directly into Laney’s nose, smashing the beautiful blondes gorgeous face, busting her open, causing her nose and lips to leak all over her face, the MMW canvas, and Shelly’s knuckles!  Laney is done!  Shelly flips her onto her stomach for a very messy camel clutch, FORCING a humiliating verbal submission out of Laney as she howls and cries out frantically and in desperation, “I give! I give!”.  Shelly is not done humiliating her opponent, placing her knee on Laney’s back, and ripping her head back by a gob of blonde hair, wrenching Laney’s poor neck unmercifully, and demanding the Canadian flag clad jobber say “viva Mexico!”  Laney’s is on the brink of tears as she realizes she has no choice, and is in the control and at the mercy of her dominant opponent.  Finally at the risk of further face bashing and jobber squashing,   Laney grunts out a half sobbing half choking “viva Mexico”!  Shelly releases her and does a victorious dance above and around Laney’s defeated body, shaking the MMW ring, and Laney”s lovely curves!  Match, Shelly Martinez!  Viva Mexico!


Length: 10:32

Size: 1.09 GB