“Athena Meets Her Maker!”





Ariel is a Vampire!  AND, a highly skilled Lady Wrestler.  She fights a naive Athena Law, wearing her bright white jobber uniform of an ass hugging white leotard, along with white wrestling boots.  The match starts with Athena getting the upper hand.  From the lockup she batters Shelly in the corner, (or so she thinks).  Ariel is just toying  with Athena, luring her into her trap, playing possum.  Athena becomes comfortable, and challenges Ariel to a “test of strength” in which Ariel accepts.  The two women lock fingers, and, in an instant Ariel snaps Athena’s fingers!  The sound of Athena’s poor digits snapping echo in the MMW dojo as a wide eyed Athena falls to her knees in horror and pain!  Ariel spends a moment beating on Athena, perhaps paying her back for even thinking she could defeat her!  Finally, Ariel straddles a battered Athena, and bearing her vampire fangs, she sinks her teeth into Athena’s neck, and drinks what a vampire drinks, as Athena’s vampire food spills all over the ring, all over her white leotard, and all over Ariel’s mouth!  Athena is dazed, and drained.  Ariel takes pleasure beating her drained opponents limp body with crotch stomps, camel clutches, convulsing nerve holds, and belly punching, among other jobber punishing maneuvers, all designed to exhibit complete and undeniable dominance over Athena Law!  As Vampire lore dictates, Ariel is now Athena’s maker, and Athena must follow Ariel’s every command!  Ariel commands Athena lay over her knee in a self imposed back breaker, while Ariel punishes Athena’s belly with hard, deep punches, and agonizing belly claws!  Athena is then placed in the corner and commanded to spread her legs, Athena has no choice but to obey her maker, as she spreads her legs, willfully exposing her crotch to Ariel!  Ariel sends crotch smashing soccer kicks in between Athena’s legs, Athena is a bewildered, cross eyed, moaning, senseless mess as Ariel destroys her crotch with her kicks!  Athena is ordered around the ring for more self inflicted punishment until Ariel senses her changing.  Knowing Athena is now a vampire and could eventually potentially pose a threat, she has no choice but to do away with her!  As she places Athena on her knees and feeds her her very own wrist, ordering Athena to bite, and drain herself!  Ariel chants “Drink! drink! drink!” as Athena drains all of the Vampire food from her body!  Ariel is ready to end Athena’s night, knowing there is no vampire food left in her veins, and aware it is now ALL in Athena’s full belly, Ariel sends a MASSIVE gut punch into Athena’s soft belly, causing Athena to spew all of her stomach contents all over the MMW ring!  A pale Athena falls to her knees, and then flat to her face, as Ariel strikes a triumphant victory pose over the pile of jobber once considered a competitor!   Using her limp, defeated body as a footstool!  Welcome Ariel!


Length: 11:10

Size: 1.16 GB