“The Queen’s Wrath!”






The Zodiac Queen is undefeated in the MMW Ring.  This does not sit right with Alex as she has been attempting to climb the rankings herself.  In their last meeting, Zodiac disposed of America’s BEST Jobber with ease.  Alex is convinced she has toned her game and is ready to give Zodiac a painful lesson in their rematch.  The bell rings and the match is on!  What starts out as a seemingly even, back-and-forth battle, soon turns to jobber destruction as Zodiac’s heavy hands begin to take a toll on Alexandria’s jaw and she crumbles to the mat after a big right hand.  Alex manages to make it to her feet but the beating continues!  Tons of jabs, uppercuts, hooks, body shots and belly punches!  Alex is trapped against the ropes and in the corners where Zodiac sends her hair flying and folds Alex in half with vicious shots to the face and punishing bell punches!  The two women meet center ring where they trade blows but again Zodiac is too much!  Multiple knockdowns and a final KO right send Alex to the canvas for the final time.  Match, Zodiac Queen!


Length: 11:12

Size: 1 GB